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Councillor Kevin Bennett

Kevin was first elected to represent Fairfield and Howley on Warrington Borough Council in May 2008.

Contact Details

Email: kbennett@warrington.gov.uk

Phone: 01925 213 440

Kevin has lived in Warrington all his life. He was born here, went to school here, and has raised his  family in the town. His children go to Warrington schools as well. In Fairfield and Howley, Kevin has a reputation for commitment and reliability. He’s not the councillor who is always tied to the Town Hall — he’s out and about in our area, working with local people on community projects and fighting for investment.

Outside of politics, Kevin is married to Shelley and they are proud parents to their two children. Kevin works in the engineering trade and, like many families in Fairfied and Howley, knows what it is like to work hard and pay your way. Kevin works in the family business, but during his spare time, enjoys music, reading and walking.

Councillor Tony Higgins

Tony was first elected to represent Fairfield and Howley on Warrington Borough Council in May 2010.

Contact Details

Email: thiggins@warrington.gov.uk  

Phone: 01925 813 533

Councillor Peter Carey  

Peter was first elected to represent Fairfield and Howley on Warrington Borough Council in May 2010.

Contact Details

Email: petercarey@warrington.gov.uk 

Phone: 01925 726 008


Surgeries are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Fairfield and Howley Neighbourhood Centre, Fairfield Street between 10am - 11am.

Latest Local News

-  MP asks Council to review traffic light sequencing on Orford Lane to help ease congestion

Warrington North MP Helen Jones is calling on Warrington Borough Council to review the sequencing of the traffic lights at the Orford Lane/Winwick Road junction following complaints from constituents.

Helen Jones MP said:

"For sometime now, there has been significant delays, at busy times, at this junction for vehicles travelling down Orford Lane. The current sequencing of the traffic lights often results in as few as six vehicles being able to proceed before the lights change back to red. Queues stretch all the way down Orford Lane, causing congestion, on what is a narrow road because of the parking bays down one side of the street.
"This issue has been brought to my attention by a number of constituents and I have experienced the problem myself. I am asking the council to review the sequencing to see if it can be adjusted to help ease the traffic congestion in the area."

Say No to Bedroom Tax!

Cllr. Kevin Bennett is helping to lead the campaign in north Warrington to oppose the Government's unjust "under-occupation penalty", better known as the "Bedroom Tax". On Monday 25th March 2013, he spoke out on behalf of Fairfield and Howley residents after figures demonstrated that hundreds of properites in our area will be penalised. The full text of his speech can be read here, and you can add your name to his campaign by visiting this link.

Fly tipping at the Parish Council - 13th March 2013

At the meeting of the St. Elphins Residents and Tenants Association this month (Monday 11th March), Arnold Wright (Chair) reported that there has been 'fly tipping' in the rectory gardens at Parish Church. With the imminent arrival of a new rector he asked if the council would help to clear the rubbish away. Cllr. Kevin Bennett promised to do what he could to help.

Following a request made by Cllr. Kevin Bennett to John Rowson (Operations Manager Transportation, Engineering & Operations), he promised to liaise with the churchwardens and arrange to get the area cleared prior to the arrival of the new rector as a goodwill gesture on behalf of the Council. He also said that he would talk to the Enforcement section of the council to see if we can trace any evidence of the perpetrators.

Parking Charges Strategy - 6th March 2013

Councillors in Fairfield and Howley have attended a meeting with Cllr. Linda Dirir (Executive Member for Highways and Transportation) and David Boyer (Assistant Director of Environment and Regeneration) to put forward their objections to the Parking Charges Strategy. Cllr. Kevin Bennett said: "I am totally opposed to the Parking Charges Strategy for Fairfield and Howley. This is already a deprived ward with pockets of high deprivation. These charges are a step too far after all the other welfare benefit measures that this Tory-led Coalition government is forcing onto the most vulnerable in our society." As a direct result of Kevin's meeting, Cllr. Dirir and David Boyer said that they would look at other alternatives and report back to the Councillors.

'Alleygating' - 6th March 2013

Cllr. Kevin Bennett has been instrumental in in helping a resident of Sharp Street in getting 'flytipping' cleared away from the rear of his property. As a result of this, talks took place on having 'gates' put on either end of the alley, to try and bring a sense of community within this area. Cllr. David Keane has promised to look into this issue and report back.

St. Katherine's Way and St. Elphins Close - 17th January 2013

Helen Jones MP and Cllr Kevin Bennett are campaigning for improvements to St Katherines Way and St Elphins Close. Helen and the team recently visited the area to speak with local people and have taken up a number of local concerns as a result. Helen is pressing the council to carry out clean up works on the estate to remove the litter. Meanwhile, Kevin is liaising with local police to address reports of drug dealing. Kevin is very clear that crime and anti-social behaviour shouldn't be tolerated, and both he and Helen want some firm action to stamp this out.

St. Peters Way and Chorley Street - 12th December 2012

Following a complaint from SPARTA regarding the issue of vehicles crossing the highway to access St Peters Way from Chorley Street, I can now confirm that an inspection has been carried out. To prevent any further damage to the verge and to prevent an possible accident occurring, the council have proposed to install two concrete bollards to be installed at the termination of Chorley Street within the verge. This work will now be carried out within the next 5 working days.

A new meeting place for SPARTA

SPARTA (St Peters Residents and Tenants Association) may soon have their own meeting place for their community meetings. After many years of councillor Kevin Bennett pressing for somewhere for SPARTA to meet, it now  looks  like they will have their own building on St. Peters Park, thanks  to help of Councillor Peter Carey and Councillor Tony Higgins helping to secure funding for this project. There is a meeting planned on 14th December 2012, with some of the SPARTA members to discuss this further.

Supporting the Rylands Drive Tenants Association

Local Councillors are supporting the Rylands Drive Residents and Tenants Association, which was formed about 12months ago. They have been a very effective body and are fighting to resolve many issues in the area. They are in constant contact with their Housing Service Management and the local Councillors attended a meeting with various bodies earlier in the year to try to help them resolve some issues.

Investing in Fairfield and Howley

Kevin Benett reports: “Labour have managed to secure £60,000 for community projects here in Fairfield and Howley. These projects have to be resident led. Along with my fellow councillors Tony Higgins and Peter Carey, I have helped to bring together a panel of residents and a secretary has now been appointed. Over the next few weeks, the panel and I will be asking more people to come forward with any ideas for projects they might have in mind. This is a great chance for us to come together as a community and show real pride in our area.”

Gorsey Lane traffic update

Following a recent meeting with Ryfields Village residents, Kevin is working to tackle the dangerous parking and speeding on the junction of Gorsey Lane. He’s now secured a guarantee from the council that they will put measures in place over the next few months to help tackle the problems. Kevin will be monitoring the situation closely and keeping in touch with residents to make certain that things improve.

Kevin and Helen Support Howley Carnival

Cllr Kevin Bennett and Warrington North MP Helen Jones joined residents at the annual Howley Carnival on Sunday 17th July in Howley Park.

Kevin and Helen were delighted to see so many residents joining in to support the carnival despite the changeable weather!

Oakwood Park Update

Helen Jones MP and Clr Kevin Bennett (pictured left at the park) are continuing their campaign to sort out the problems of graffiti and dog mess on Oakwood Park. Their recent survey led to many residents in Oakwood Avenue, Hazel Street and Elaine Street reporting problems of anti-social behaviour from youths who congregate around the park and the nearby area.

Kevin says: “I want to thank everyone who returned our surveys to let us know about the problems they have experienced. I’ll now be pressing the police and the council to take real action to sort out the problems on our streets. We will keep you posted.”

Bennett Avenue Development

Residents from Bennett Avenue are up in arms about a proposed development at the rear of Tesco's on Manchester Road. The application is for a three storey apartment building. Local residents believe that the development will overlook their properties and increase traffic, and so asked for help from their local councillors. Kevin Bennett and Peter Carey have been in touch with the residents and assured them that he will help them to put forward their grievances. Kevin is now asking for the application to be taken to the council's influential Development Control Committee. He has also asked for the members of that committee to visit the site and see the problems for themselves.

A crossing for Kingsway?

Earlier this year,  Kevin Bennett asked the council to consider putting a pedestrian crossing on Kingsway North to serve residents on Princess Avenue and the surrounding estate. People living there have told Kevin that it can sometimes take up to 20 minutes to cross the road at busy times! Children who go to the new Fairfield School also walk to school this way, and so a crossing would benefit them greatly. Now, Kevin has got an assurance from the council that they will conduct a survey to assess the situation. We'll keep you posted!

Supporting the Residents Association

The Watkin Street Residents Association is planning a "Summer BBQ" following the success of their recent New Year Party. Local councillors donated hampers for the New Year Party and Kevin has pledged to do all he can to support the summer BBQ. He said: "The residents had a great night at the New Year Party with lots of entertainment and food laid on. It was a great community spirit."

Brickfields Park

Howley residents are campaigning for Brickfields Park to get a much needed revamp. Kevin has taken their case to the Central Area Board, which has money available for projects just like this. He is fighting for some of that funding to come to our area and will keep you updated.

St. Peters Tenants look for a new venue to meet

The St. Peters Tenants Assocaition are working hard with Kevin Bennett to find a suitable venue for their meetings. Kevin explains: "We recently had a set back, after being refused the use of the St Peters Care Home facilities. At the moment, the tenants are holding meetings in the Albion Pub, thanks to a very understanding landlord!"

Credit Unions - 8th April 2013

Cllrs Tony Higgins and Peter Carey have been voted onto the board of the Credit Union in Fairfield and Howley at their AGM. Cllr Tony Higgins has been a long-standing supporter of the work undertaken by Credit Unions in the town.

He said: "With all the difficulties being faced by the people of Fairfield and Howley, it is good to know that instead of being forced to go to legal loan sharks, they have a successful Credit Union to turn to. The Credit Union has new collection points, such as the one being run at the Fairfield hub. I hope that we cna start to drive legal or illegal loan sharks out of business and I urge everyone out there to contact your local Credit Union. It is a great place to come, even if its just for a cup of tea and a chat."

St Peter's Park Update - 8th April 2013

There is great news for SPARTA this month. Your local councillors held a progress meeting at the Town Hall will David Cotterill (Warrington Borough Council Parks Manager) and park achitect Dan Hughes, who was able to show them the new designs for the much awaited community hub which will be based at St. Peter's Park.

Your local councillors have been tireless campaigners for a community hub in this part of the ward. We hope that the new hub will provide excellent facilities for local community groups.

Supporting the unsung heroes of Fairfield and Howley - 8th April 2013

On March 16th this year, Cllrs Tony Higgins and Peter Carey attended a social event at the Fairfield Hub to give a big "thank you" to all the unsung community volunteer groups in Fairfield and Howley.

The event was organised by Terry and Jean Flaherty with help from Stronger Together. With great music, entertainment, and a hot pot supper, the event was a huge success and attended by over 70 people.

Your local councillors supplied wine and chocolates as raffle prizes.

Time for Tea - 23rd October 2012

A new memories group has started in Howley for pensioners to get together and reminisce. Launched by Fairfield and Howley councillor Tony Higgins, the event will take place regularly and aims to allow the older members of the area to talk about old times over a cup of tea and a scone.

Vascular Services decision referred to Secretary of State - 2nd October 2012

Councillor Tony Higgins, in his position as Chair of the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee, has referred the decision to remove vascular services from Warrington Hospital to the Secretary of State for Health. The Secretary of State will now scrutinise the decision.

Cllr Higgins said: "We had to make sure we had all the evidence, everyone was happy and that we had a concrete case. We believe strongly that the removal of that service from Warrington Hospital is wrong and that this is the right action to take and as soon as the meeting was finished in July we started working on putting our argument together.”

Councillor Higgins welcomes more defibrillators in Warrington schools - 1st October 2012

Click here to read the full story.

-  Councillors proud to support the Howley Carnival - 14th July 2012

Councillor Tony Higgins and Councillor Peter Carey were pleased yet again to support the Howley Residents Carnival and donated a hamper of chocolate goodies to help raise funds for next years event. Hundreds turned out and thankfully the weather stayed bright and sunny.

-  Councillor Higgins to be 'Hand on Heart' Ambassador

Councillor Tony Higgins has been asked to be a 'Hand on Heart' charity ambassador to help raise awareness for the need for defibrillators in schools. Tony said: "I'm working hard to get these much needed pieces of life saving equipment in all public places. This is a long term project and I've had several meetings and offers of help from companies such as Sainsbury's."

-  Cllr Higgins continues 'End Legal Loan Sharking' Campaign

Cllr Tony Higgins has continued his campaign to improve residents' knowledge of credit unions and safe ways to get help with their finances.

On a recent visit to the Faifield and Howley Credit Union on Nora Street, Tony said: "The Labour-run Council is investing time and money in promoting credit unions. We are trying to stop what I would call legal loan sharks. Due to the credit crunch, people are turning to these loan companies who are charging astronomical rates.

"Credit unions have low interest rates, you don't need credit checks and they are a friendly way of getting financial loans. It helps the community because the interest goes back in the pot."

To find out more about the Fairfield and Howley Credit Union call 01925 656968 or email fhl@fairfieldhowley.org.uk more information can also be found at www.warringtoncreditunions.co.uk.

-  Cllr Tony Higgins slams plans to move vascular services from Warrington Hospital

In his role as Chair of the Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Health and Well-being, Fairfield and Howley councillor Tony Higgins has slammed plans to move essential vascular services from Warrington Hospital to Chester.

Tony said: "I am determined to get the best services for the town and I am concerned about the future of Warrington Hospital if vascular services are moved to Chester. This affects 200,000 people in Warrington, 187,000 people in St Helens and 120,000 people in Halton. I will not accept the changes under any circumstances. It might work on paper but it won’t work in practice.  We’re talking about people in an area of poverty travelling to Chester, an affluent town. This is wrong."

Add your name to Helen Jones MP's campaign against the removal of vascular services from Warrington Hospital by clicking here.

-  Parking restrictions to solve bin saga

Fairfield and Howley Councillors have worked together to find a solution to the long-running problem of parking on bin collection days in Leonard Street and Forshaw Street.

Residents on Leonard Street and Forshaw Street have waited up to six weeks to have bins collected because parked cars have blocked the entrance to the alleyway between the two streets.

However, following pressure from councillors, parking restrictions have been introduced. Parking next to the entrance is now banned between 8am and 1pm on a Thursday, to allow waste collections.

Fairfield and Howley Councillor Tony Higgins has been pushing for action and said: “There was too much lip service being paid and not enough being done. I am pleased that we have been able to work with the Council to resolve this problem.”

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