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Save Our Village Green!

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11 Jul 2016
Culcheth Councillors Labour councillors and Warrington North MP Helen Jones have launched their campaign to “Save Our Village Green”!
Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft councillors Matt SmithJoan Grime and Jan Davidson have kick-started the campaign with the MP following the decision by the local Parish Council to cancel this year’s Community Day.

Despite the best efforts of councillors and volunteers, the inadequate drainage on the field was simply unable to cope with the heavy downpours, leaving standing water across the field. Several stall holders had arrived and taken one look at the green on the morning before deciding not to set-up. Health and safety concerns led to the decision being taken to cancel the day’s planned events.  Previously the Community Day has been successful in allowing local charities and community groups to raise thousands of pounds each year.

Local councillors and Helen have raised the issue with the Borough Council’s Chief Executive Steven Broomhead and are calling for urgent action by the authority to implement a full drainage scheme to resolve the on-going problems.

Warrington North MP Helen Jones says:

"I have been contacted by a number of my constituents who have highlighted the problems affecting Culcheth’s village green. The green is one of the last remaining big open spaces in Warrington North and is used widely by many groups and organisations in this part of my constituency. It is disappointing to see the drainage problems getting worse over the past few months. The decision to cancel this year’s Community Day will have been a big disappointment to many charities and worthwhile causes who come together for the day. That is why I believe it is vital that the Council take action now, to ensure things do not get any worse. We must protect this immensely valuable community resource and ensure that no future events held in the centre of the village are put in jeopardy because of the poor drainage."

Helen Jones MP and Cllrs Matt Smith, Joan Grime and Jan Davidson have urged Professor Broomhead to intervene on the issue and further discussions with United Utilities as a matter of urgency.

In a joint statement, local councillors Matt Smith, Joan Grime and Jan Davidson said:

"We were pleased to welcome Professor Broomhead to the village recently, where he took the opportunity to inspect the problems on the village green for himself. Sadly, since then, the situation has become worse. Even light rain leads to pools of standing water across the field – simply put, the existing drainage cannot cope and there are parts of the field which are starting to sink! The village green is the centrepiece of our community – we are committed to ensuring that everything possible is done to protect it and secure its use for future generations.
"That is why we have made it clear to Professor Broomhead and Warrington Borough Council that we view this as a local priority – it should be at the top of the Council’s agenda. Alongside our local Member of Parliament, we have taken the lead on this important issue. We have made the case in the strongest possible terms, and are calling on local residents to join us in our campaign to “Save Our Village Green”!
"We are aware that the Council have already commissioned costings, but they now need to go further and treat the problem with greater urgency. The cancellation of this year’s Community Day should send a signal that this cannot be allowed to go on any longer. We want the Council to progress their discussions with United Utilities, and make a firm commitment that they will fund a complete drainage scheme for Culcheth village green from the Capital Programme."

To support the campaign, a petition has been launched which is open to all residents to sign. Those who want to support calls to "Save Our Village Green" can add their names below or email

Save Our Village Green!

We’re calling on Warrington Borough Council to provide a full drainage scheme for Culcheth Village Green as a matter of urgency, ensuring that the long-standing problems with flooding are resolved once and for all. Add your name to support Helen, Matt, Joan and Jan - let’s save our village green!

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