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Better broadband for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft - let's get our villages connected!

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09 Sep 2015
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Your local Labour councillors have launched their latest campaign to demand better broadband for residents throughout Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft.

For months, local people have struggled with poor Internet connections and slow speeds. BT Openreach and Connecting Cheshire have promised that the green cabinets throughout our area will be upgraded so that every household can access fibre broadband — but that hasn’t happened.

Their work has been piecemeal, with many households left out and deadlines missed. They’ve made promise after promise in areas like Hob Hey, Glazebury and Croft — but keep putting off delivery of this important project.

Helen Jones MP, local councillors Chris Vobe and Matt Smith, and community champion Joan Grime say that enough is enough. Our area deserves better than to be simply brushed aside like this.

They’ve managed to provide fibre broadband to remote areas like Kielder Forest Park in Northumberland — so why can’t they do the same in Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft?

Helen Jones MP says:
"Having fibre broadband is crucial for many businesses and people who work from home. At the moment, people either receive or don’t receive the service, depending on which cabinet serves their home or business. It’s a cabinet-code, rather than post code, method of selection. It is my view that BT should be aiming to upgrade every cabinet and provide a universal service across the country."

Cllr Chris Vobe says: "Your Labour team are taking the lead on this important issue. The current situation just isn’t good enough. We want clarity from BT and Connecting Cheshire about when their services will be provided and a formal commitment from them that they will adhere to the dates they fix. We’re asking as many residents to join with us by adding their name to our petition."

Cllr Matt Smith adds: "Although BT Openreach is a private company and we can’t compel them to provide a service, we are determined to stand up for our villages and make sure they are left in no doubt how important good quality broadband is for people who live here. Helen, Chris, Joan and I will be calling for a meeting with senior managers at BT to deliver our petition and put pressure on them to deliver a better service for local people."

Community champion and Parish Councillor Joan Grime (pictured right) is supporting residents in Glazebury and Mee Brow who have contacted her about this issue. Along with Chris and Matt, she is determined to make sure that Glazebury doesn’t get left behind. At the moment, fewer than 100 properties in the village have access to fibre broadband!

In Hob Hey, residents have been told that the upgrades have been delayed until 31st March next year!

In Croft, local resident Norman Partington is working with Chris, Matt and Joan to get additional funding from Connecting Cheshire so that the rural parts of the village don’t miss out. Norman and local councillors have written to the company, asking that they step in and use part of their government funding to get Croft connected.

Are you with us?
Add your name to our petition below — let’s get the service our villages deserve!

Better broadband for Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft

We’re calling on BT and Connecting Cheshire to provide the service our village deserves.  
We need fibre broadband for everyone. Add your name to support Chris, Matt, Joan and Norman - let’s get our villages connected!

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