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Our police services are under threat - the Tory Police and Crime Commissioner must think again!

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23 Jun 2015
Chris Vobe Headshot New Culcheth, Glazebury and Croft councillor Chris Vobe says:

"On 23rd June,  I took to my feet at the Town Hall to discuss the future of our police and PCSO service.

"That service is under threat - and neither Matt Smith or I will stay quiet about it.

"Earlier this month, the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner unveiled his "New Operating Model" for Cheshire Constabulary. He branded this a "root and branch review of services, structures and practices". Beneath the gloss of his summary lay one particularly crucial paragraph. That began:
"Police officers will receive community and crime focused briefings at the start of each shift in the Local Policing Unit..."

"In layman’s terms, this translates as every police officer and – crucially – every PCSO beginning and ending their shift at Charles Stewart House in the centre of Warrington, before travelling out into the communities they patrol. They will repeat the exercise in reverse at the end of their shifts and arrive back at Charles Stewart House for a "de-briefing".

"I am sure that I do not need to spell out to you the quite staggering effect this will have on policing in our neighbourhoods. It will take officers off the streets while they spend time travelling back and forth.

"Recently, I convened a meeting of representatives from Parish Councils in our part of the town and we sat down with the Chief Superintendent to discuss the Commissioner’s plans in more depth.

"What became clear was that there are no credible or firm plans in place to actually transport these officers from the centre of town to their communities.

"The result of these proposals, put simply, will be a reduction in the police service you as residents receive.

"A 20 minute briefing – for that is the length of time we are talking about here, 20 minutes – costs, at best estimate, two hours of PCSO time on our streets.

"But if you believe the words of one Conservative parish councillor, we shouldn’t get “too hung up” about it though – apparently, it will simply work itself out.

"I say we should do more than get a little "hung up" about it. As your local councillors, Matt Smith and I are furious that the Tory Police Commissioner is hitting our services under the guise of a restructure.

"Our Conservative councillor's behaviour at the Council meeting astonished me. She sat in silence, refusing to muster any defence against the threat to our services.

"Even when I revealed that the Police Commissioner won't guarantee the future of Risley Police Station either, she couldn't find her voice. She's supposed to be representing us, but she's shirking her responsibility.

"So if the Tories won't support our communities, Matt and I will.

"We now have 259 fewer officers in Cheshire than we had under the last Labour government, and 115 less than when the Conservative Police Commissioner took up his post. We have fewer officers on the streets, and now the Commissioner is reducing officer time. The bottom line is simple – the Tories simply don’t care about Warrington when it comes to setting their budgets.

"That's why I need you to stand with me.

"Below, I've launched my petition, calling on the Police Commissioner to think again.

"Will you add your name?

"Your support could help to make a difference - we need to send a strong message to the Conservatives that their plans are flawed, and will damage our community. All you need to do is click on the link and you'll be able to add your weight to our campaign.

"Whatever happens, your local Labour team will continue to speak up for our community. I want to see our area thrive and grow, not be undermined by the devastation of our services.

"We've defended our community before - we'll do it again.

"Thank you for your support."

Our police services are under threat

The Tory Police and Crime Commissioner is placing our police services under threat.

He wants every police officer and every PCSO to begin and end their shifts in Charles Stewart House in Warrington town centre. That means they will spend a minimum of 2 hours every day travelling back and forth - time they could spend on the streets of our communities.

He won't guarantee the future of Risley police station either.

Cllr Chris Vobe has launched the campaign to call on the Commissioner to think again and review these flawed plans.

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