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Helen Jones H&S
Warrington North MP, and Shadow Minister for Crime Prevention, Helen Jones has launched a survey to collect views on young women's safety from her constituents.
Helen Jones H&S
Under David Cameron, gas and electricity bills have gone up £300 for the average household. Ed Miliband will freeze gas and electricity bills under 2017.
Helen Jones H&S
Warrington North MP Helen Jones has launched a survey of her constituents to ask them about their experiences of Zero Hour Contracts. The MP has already demanded action to end the exploitation of workers on these contracts.
Say No to Bedroom Tax
Thousands of people in Warrington will be hit as the Tory-Lib Dem Government press ahead with their vindictive “Bedroom Tax”.
Helen Jones H&S
The Government has slashed the cash used to fund our local services, and Warrington people are losing out. Helen Jones MP is supporting hard working people here and calling on the Government to give Warrington a fair deal.
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